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  An unremarked consequence of our new information age-one that will influence readers, writers, and publishers in the future-is that bad writing, chat speaking, text, millions of message board posts that come from and lead nowhere, are having a cheapening effect on all written content. As a veteran journalist has pointed out: "Editors and news directors today fret about the Internet as their predecessors worried about radio and TV, and all now see the huge threat the Web represents to the way they distribute their product. They have been slower to see the threat it represents to the product itself. In a day when information pours out of digital spigots, stories that  package painstakingly gathered facts on current events-what happened, who said what, when-have lost much of their value. "  The idea that the practice and craft of writing can simply retool itself for the digital age overlooks the fact that the Web is giving rise to totally unique forms of expression, a writing that is different from the kind traditionally found in books. You-Tube clips, animations, and other video applications account for more than 60% of Internet traffic today. The proportion is growing rapidly.  For lovers of literary writing, who are now watching the marketplace and Internet erode the remains of 19th century print culture, these assurances may not be particularly consoling. We have no choice but to accept them. Arguing against the forces of digitalization is as much a losing battle as cursing the coming of the evening tide.  But before we invest ourselves too deeply in this future, consider this: If new technologies expose the biases inherent in print and text, so the converse is true as well; that the written word is uniquely suitable for revealing the myopias of our digital age. If poor old Oliver Goldsmith were alive today, he might argue that critical reading abilities, cultural literacy, and traditional literacy were never more vital than the present. Coding skills are highly marketable in the 21st century. We, as writers of the new century, are duty-bound to encourage technological know-how. However,before we make the mistake of convincing ourselves that a knack for writing software is more valuable than the ability to simply write well, we might consider looking anew at the souvenir that is the book. One day, computer programs-these objects of our fascination and frustration-will learn to write themselves. And we'll be left with our ideas, however grand or shallow.  Notes and Explanations  1. message board post留言板  2.come from and lead nowhere来无踪去无影  3.cheapening effect降低价值的效果  4.pours out of digital spigots从数字化龙头滚滚涌出  5.retool vf.(为适应新形势)重新组织  6.You-Tube互联网网站名,可供上传、观看及分享视频短片  7.argue against反驳,显示出与……相反的结论  8.the converse is true as well反之亦然(反过来说也不无道理)  9. Oliver Goldsmith参见第7单元注释10  10. duty-bound adj.义不容辞的  2. C-E Translation  硅谷  硅谷犹如一块磁铁,把许许多多天资聪颖的工程师、科学家、企业家从世界各地聚集到这里,一起追求成名致富,投身于技术革命的大潮,其影响及于人类,必将远远超过划时代的欧洲文艺复兴和产业革命。  许多国家也有或正在着手建设自己的“硅谷”,但至今无一威胁到美国硅谷的领先地位。美国硅谷与众不同,究竟秘诀何在呢?  首先,硅谷有着世界最大最密集的优秀电脑专才群体、最佳的后援服务体系,并紧密联系着斯坦福大学等世界一流的研究机构,而后者正源源不断地培育出电脑业赖以发展的明日天才。若缺少这些有利条件,硅谷的面貌便会大不一样。  Notes and Explanations  1.硅谷Silicon Valley  2.天资聪颖的工程师、科学家、企业家talented engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs  3.追求成名致富in search of fame, fast money  4.划时代的欧洲文艺复兴the epoch-making European Renaissance  5.最密集的……群体the largest concentration of  6.后援服务体系supporting services  7.斯坦福大学Stanford University  8.明日天才would-be geniuses  English subordinate clauses are classified into six groups, i. e. subject clauses, object clauses, predicative clauses, appositive clauses, attributive clauses, and adverbial clauses. Since the first four of them function as nouns in a complex sentence, they are generally called nominal clauses. And here are some nominal clauses from the above Ptactice of the Relevant Skill:  ·An unremarked consequence of our new information age-one that will injluence readers, writers, and publishers in the future-is that bad writing, chat speaking, text, millions of message board posts that come from and lead nowhere, are having a cheapening effect on all written content.新信息时代有一个不太引人注意的后果,那就是文字都很蹩脚。无论是写作、闲聊、短信、还是留言板上不计其数的跟帖,都来无踪去无影,使文字内容大打折扣,对未来的读者、作者和编辑将产生很大影响。  ……


unit 1 introduction: translation and translation techniques unit 2 diction uuit 3 conversion unit 4 amplification unit 5 omission unit 6 restructuring unit 7 affirmative vs. negative unit 8 the passive voice unit 9 nominal clauses unit 10 attributive clauses unit 11 adverbial clauses unit 12 long sentences unit 13 english for science and technology and its translation unit 14 the translation of documentation' unit 15 application documents for studying abroad unit 16 developing comprehensive abilities through comparative studies and practice appendix a translation exercises for independent work appendix b keys to practice of the relevant skill and exercises appendix c keys to translation exercises for independent work .bibliography


《普通高等教育"十一五"国家级规划教材•北京高等教育精品教材•高校365bet体育盘口_365bet体育在线网址_365bet官网 ribo88选修课系列教材:英汉互译实践与技巧(第4版)》是为非365bet体育盘口_365bet体育在线网址_365bet官网 ribo88专业的大学生及研究生编写的英汉互译教程。其主要内容包括:翻译基本知识与原则;常用翻译方法与技巧;实用英汉互译训练和指导;以及各类文体英汉互译独立练习。教程内容经过清华大学课堂教学反复使用效果良好。所有练习均附有参考译文,便于自学。






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